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Power Failure Solution

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Energy: Chemical


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Ibrahim, Dauda
Salami, Olufemi

Due to the erratic power failure in some developing countries and the stress people undergo in changing power sources and safety concerns brought about the project. It operates with the principle of alternating power source, via Automatic power selector controller APSC. The APSC manages two or more power sources which are Main source, Generating plant set and Power inverter. It also protects from abnormal voltage and switches and off the generating plant/set automatically. It also allows the use of mobile phone to kick start the generating set. It managed two or more power input with one uninterrupted power supply as output. In the absence of the main power source of electricity and the generating plant is on as source of power, if the main power returns, the APSC will change the power output that is, generating plant to the National Grid instantly with an alarm, switching off the generating plant automatically. This indicated the presence of the main source, National grids. However, in the absence of the public utility power supply, the inverter will automatically back it up by providing the electricity needed. If the inverter is observed to have been exhausted via the battery level indicators and non- availability of public utility supply, the user can easily make use of his preset buttons on the APSC, or mobile phone to switch on the generating set as source of power and also put the Inverter on charge mode. The project ensures safety, security purpose and cost reduction.