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Pharmaceutical Solution for Blood Clotting Using Honey, Honey Wax, Etamsylate, and Adrenaline Injection

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Al-Abdallat, Laith (School: Belfield Public School)

Problem: Primary care of external bleeding is extremely important, providing basic care of any wound that is crucial in life saving and preventing future morbidity. Bleeding is a main consequence of injuries and trauma, so halting bleeding is crucial. Objective: The research aims to create a gel that stops external bleeding when applied to a wound in human skin. Procedure: Adrenaline Injection and etamsylate were added to Honey and mixed with honey wax using a lab mixer. In the labor world HEA was used on a pre-discarded placenta within 3 minutes from delivery, 2 cuts in each placenta were made on two vessels of a ( 2-3 cm diameter), the HEA was applied on them and one placenta left as control, same procedure was replicated many times and then results were taken and recorded. Results: bleeding in all placentae stopped immediately within 2 -3 seconds after applying the experimental combination of drugs as compared to the control sample that took 3 minutes to stop bleeding. Etamsylate was used because it speeds up the formation of fiber threads, adrenaline was also used since it causes vasoconstriction allowing less blood to leave the body. Conclusion: In the final analysis; HEA can efficiently stop external bleeding in a short time and can be easily used as a first aid to stop external bleeding especially for the emergent cases, in addition that the use of this medication does need special technician or equipment. Moreover, HEA costs 0.5$ to stop bleeding of 2 cm diameters of wound.