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Hawking for Deaf

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Almbaidin, Lina

There has not been any official communication language through which the normal people and the deaf can communicate, which means that social networking will remain unfinished and disconnected between them. However, through my work I have developed the "hawking" application to build a bridge between sign language and spoken language, so as to enable the deaf to exchange experiences and knowledge, and to go along with the scientific and technological development and even be a part of it Which will take them out of their isolation and unilateralism imposed by the language barrier. Hawking application works to convert operative speech to an animated video of sign language and in the same manner to word of readable post in both normal and sign language so that they can understand us. On the other hand, to enable the deaf to express themselves they can write what they want to say by the normal litters or the alphabetic of sing language, and in case that their language capabilities were weak then they will choose one of the “modes” which contains a group of pictures - representing Terms in sign language- expressing various life situations and contains most of the daily life terminology. These modes will appear in application interface such as mode of shopping, working and traveling. Thanks to our “hawking” app, about 350 million deaf around the world can connect freely with the community without the need for an interpreter to translate their language. Moreover they will be able to convey to the community their thoughts and understand what is going around them, which lead to further adapt and creativity in their vocational and academic fields.