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Versatile Field Construction Machine for Paddy Cultivation

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Energy: Chemical


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Piyasiri, Wijesuriya Arachchilage Namal

Many accessories and machinery have introduced for various agriculture based activities, yet nobody has introduced a Machine for bund reforming with ability to plough in Paddy field. Up to now the Bund reforming and ploughing were considered as a strenuous task. After introducing this new machine, it will be an easy task for the farmers in paddy cultivation, since it could be done with less labor and less time. With less labor & time, eventually the cost will be brought down. This machine is to be connected to a tractor. For the work of bund reforming and plough one operator will be sufficient. Amount of mud, angle & width of the ridge can be adjusted by configuring settings of the machine. Changing the settings during operation is also possible. Hence with this invention the time and labor of the farmers can be vastly saved.

Awards Won:
Second Award of $2,000