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Plantation Improvement Simulator

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Jeong, Juyeong

The goal of this project is to make a management plan for raising crops by considering various farming circumstances. The project uses its database and the current status of user's management to help the farmer choose optimal management plan for farming that will maximize profit. There are several features of this program for the users. First, this program provides realistic economic and environmental variables which the user can adjust for high accuracy of simulation. User can set up conditions of simulation like initial capital, the number of employees, climate, required sunshine duration for each crop, possibility of natural disasters such as tropical cyclones, frost, hailstorm, etc. Second, in order to enhance flexibility of simulation, user can also set the plan for management and simulate with different strategies. After several cases of verification between the results of simulation and real world data, we can conclude that the productivity of farming will improve through using recommendation of this simulation and the user can find out an optimized management plan making use of this program.