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Game for Visually Impaired with 3D-Sound

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Embedded Systems


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Kim, Joonsung

The number of digital games is increasing rapidly. They are developed across many categories, such as mobile games, 3D-Games, sports games, and even educational games. But less than 0.001% of the mobile games market is targeted for the visually impaired. This is the reason why started “Game for visually impaired with 3D-Sound” project. The goal of this project is to make an entertainment for the visually impaired to play games, and close the gap in the market. “Game for visually impaired with 3D-Sound” is gaming application that made for the very first time in Android. This game is 3d-Game but No graphics only Sound. This project using sound and vibration to transform information instead of visual information. 3D-Sound Effect algorithm applied to fill users are in Real Gaming place. For example, the users can hear the sound of racing car from right ear to left ear. Through this algorithm, the user can play a 3D Sound on each situation. The project achieved the main goal of make an entertainment for the visually impaired to play games. Through this project, I wish there will be more and more applications that support people with inconvenience.