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Real-time Poll System Using Cumulative Voting System

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Ryu, Ji-Seok

The aim of this project is to provide real-time preference of each candidate during election. If there is an election, such as president or congressmen, many organizations and broadcasting companies do poll of citizens. They use internet or phone call to know citizens’ opinion. These methods were suitable in the past because citizens’ opinion did not change easily. Nowadays, there are many Social Networking Sites such as Twitter and Facebook, and citizen’s opinion easily change with just one post or news. So I made a new poll system which is managed in real time. Each elector can make their own account and choose the election that they will participate in. The manager of the election such as The National Election Commission will keep the users updated with latest news and posts about the election. Each elector can have multiple votes determined by election manager. Maximum number of votes for one candidate is 2 and they can give up some votes. Multiple votes option per person in this poll helps electors express their opinion more effectively. Every elector can see the survey result. Program will check and save the survey result. And print them with graphical statistics.