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Making Simple Korean Traditional Musical Instrument (Pyeon-gyeong) Using Ceramic

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Physics and Astronomy


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Lee, Seonmi
Song, Chaeeun
Yu, Jisoo

Pyeon-gyoeng is an Korean traditional percussion instrument that has L-shaped pumice stone hang on the pole. So far, Pyeon-gyeong isn't well known because it's complicated to make using scarce material. So we found the possibility to remake the traditional Pyeon-gyeong in another way using ceramic. First, we researched the similarity of ceramic Pyeon-gyeong to the original under various conditions such as different types of clay, different shapes, different number of roast times, ratio of width and length. As a result, the ceramic Pyeon-gyeong which is made of white clay, L-shaped, roasted twice, and the ratio of width and length in 1:1.57 was most similar with the original one. But still due to its light weight, a better rotation and sound were both recorded. For farther improvement, we laid it down and made resonance tube under the replica. The results were a longer duration of sound and a clearer sound. Consequently, we discovered that we can reproduce our traditional Pyeon-gyeong effectively through ceramic, using less time and money. Therefore setting our traditional Pyeon-gyeong to the international norms.