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Ants Advance

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Mahdi, Zaineb
Mahdi, Zaineb
Mahdi, Fatima
Mahdi, Zaineb

Our project is about social behavior, specifically in ants, which are social creatures that resembles humans. The experiment mainly tests their behavior in two different situations a normal situation and an emergency situation, and trying to compare it to human behavior. We did this by designing four models and then putting the ants inside the model. We predicted that in a hazardous situation they will go to the nearest door or they will run around in circles until they die. But half of our prediction was false, the ants did not go to the nearest door, but they did wander around in circles. Also they did something we did not expect, in every model there was an ant which would go near to the door then back, but after some research and reviewing we discovered that it was helping the other ants get out, also they did this in a normal situation too. Finally, we compared the ants’ reaction with humans and we discovered that ants are more loyal than humans. Because in our research we discovered that humans only think for themselves in an emergency situation i.e. fires, only people with special training can be levelheaded and lead the people out of the building.