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Wind Generated by Moving Vehicles on the Highway as a Source of Electricity

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Rodriguez, Ruben

The problem associated with the consumption of crude oil has generated a great energy crisis, provoking high costs because electric energy demands. The principle objective of this research is to produce electric energy using a generator that captures the wind energy produced as motor vehicles pass by on the highway. The electricity produced can be used for public lighting on the road. The hypothesis was that the eolic energy produced by moving motor vehicles and captured by a generator in the highway will produce electric energy. A small 2 feet generator was constructed and placed on the highway shoulder. It was connected to a voltmeter. The captured wind energy produced by the moving motor vehicles was transformed into electric energy producing a 1.5 voltage at model scale that could light the bulb. This mechanism serves as a non-pollutant alternate source of energy. A real design of this mechanism can be produced to generate sufficient energy in order to maintain the public lighting or illuminate areas in the highway. As a result of this, an alternative eco-friendly source of energy is obtained that will benefit the consumers and lower the high costs of electricity. The wind generated by moving motor vehicles on the highway is a new way to help stop ecological decay and the burning of Earth resources, and is highly capable of producing electric energy. The conclusion is that the hypothesis was accepted.