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The Accomplice Silence: The Role of Spectators in Bullying

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Aldaz, Andrea
De Leon, Andrea
Páez, Mauro

At present, in almost schools is present Bullying. Victims, agressors and witnesses coexist without being fully aware of their role in this phenomenon. The Investigation team focused on the actions of witnesses and how they can influence school aggression. Objectives were considered based on the Social Contructivism theory as a theorical framework. The general objective of this investigation was: to understand bulying phenomenon in all possible dimentions It was proposed as specific objectives: to provide a different view of the research topic focusing on witnesses and down the myth that silence helps in situations of bullying. It was believed crucial to investigate how display bullying situations who apparently do not participate in it, using for this qualitative methodology Based on the results we obtained from this method, the following hypothesis was arosed: Most of the students in a situation of bullying act as indifferent spectator, and two sub-hypotheses: a) at all levels of education there are victim witness defenders, b) viewers of bullying are more likely to act as witnesses indifferent a situation of psychological violence in a situation of physical violence. It has been shown the truth of the hypothesis through quantitative method, using a representative sample of 91 students in rural and urban contexts. From these data, a new field of analysis opens in finding solutions to Bullying.