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Cleaning Streets by Using Solar Energy

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Environmental Engineering


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Al-Safri, Saleh
Al-Shamari, Salman
Al-Shamari, Talal

Streets suffer from dust rubbish and dumps especially in deserted and arid countries , sometimes workers cannot clean all the streets especially in sunny days due to high temperatures that can be close to 50’C. Therefore we thought of a new methodology that can be used to ease the cleaning process while using solar energy which will have a great impact on our streets. The aim of this project is to use solar energy to save money and efforts. After attending a workshop related to solar energy we had this idea of how we can assist our workers in Qatar especially during the world cup in 2022 The idea is to use solar cells to make the streets clean by recycling water After that we started to draw a model of our idea with the help of our supervisor and art teacher Then we started to build our design and wrote a report about our product after that we translated our drawings to a poster to discuss our idea . The benefits of our product is to reduce and decrease the large number of cleaning workers, save a large amount of water used in cleaning as well as save energy used in this process by using solar cells