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Participation of Indigenous Guerrilla Groups from Pazos and Other Towns in Tayacaja in the War between Peru and Chile

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Castro Capcha, Jennyfer

The research defined the level of participation of Pazos residents and the population of Tayacaja (Huancavelica region), in the guerrilla groups as part of the Breña Campaign headed by General Andrés Avelino Cáceres in the resistance and withdrawal of the Chilean army. As this is an ex post facto, descriptive and explanatory research, a scientific and descriptive methodology was implemented, which allowed researchers to conduct interviews, questionnaires, anecdotal and historical records, historical document revision (letters of Cáceres), and photographic records, which allowed to generate relevant information. After processing this information, we concluded that the participation of Pazos residents, and other inhabitants of Tayacaja on guerrilla groups, was significant. The level of participation of guerrilla groups from the South of the Peruvian Central Highlands was essential, contributing to the achievement established in the Breña Campaign led by Cáceres during the resistance and withdrawal of the Chilean Army from the Peruvian Central Highlands.It was also clear the location of the peoples of Pazos, Tayacaja and Mantaro's River Bank that participated in the guerrilla groups of Breña Campaign during the resistance and withdrawal of the Chilean army. Likewise, there were strategic places of communication, such as the headquarters in Pazos and Izcuchaca districts.According to the timeline made and analyzed, the resistance of Pazos population and those from the south of Huancavelica was increasing in the guerrilla group from 1882 to 1884. The presence of the Chilean army promoted an internal and external economic, social, cultural, and educative transculturation between the peoples that participated in the guerrilla groups of the Breña Campaign of Pazos and Tayacaja.