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The Influence of Palm Oil Plantation on the Social Integration and Environment in Sumber Harapan Village, Jambi Province

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Maula, Nurkholifatul
Budiman, Putri

Commercial palm oil plantations can influence world economic. In opposite, they may affect negatively on social interaction within particular communities and their surrounding environment. Located in Indonesia, this study aims to identify the relationship between palm oil plantations and its influence towards transmigration communities in terms of economics life, social integration, correlation level of its productivity, and farmers’ behavioural towards environmental friendly behaviour. Using both qualitative and quantitative method, this study applied primary and secondary data. Primary data are collected by in-depth interview technique and questionare distribution, whereas secondary data are collected from plantations department, palm oil corporation and study literature. Quantitative analysis technique used bivariat correlation and qualitative analysis used deskriptive analytic This study proves positive correlation between the influence of palm oil existence and social behaviour in transmigration communities. The proliferation and good management of palm oil plantation has generated social integration indicated by formation smallgroup of farmer, increasing of communities meetings’ intensity, and frequently communication among related parties. moreover, this study also notes human behavior changing towards environmental friendly behaviors. Key Words: Palm Oil Plantations, Social integration, Productivity, Communication, and Environment.