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Life Without Mosquitoes Using Organic Garlic Spray

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Buriro, Shadab

Today Mosquitoes are causing thousands of diseases like malaria, yellow fever, dengue, elephantiasis etc .These diseases can further cause sudden death. No one has yet succeeded to eradicate these deadly insects. Today sprays are being widely used for the eradication of mosquitoes that contain many toxic elements which cause lung cancer and many other diseases and these coils and sprays contain hydrogen peroxide and peroxyacetic acid which makes the resistance power much stronger of those mosquitoes (and their generation) for those that escape away so that spray or coil can not cause any harm for them next time. There are so many other demerits of these coils as 1 coil is equal to 75-135 cigarettes. In this project a Garlic Extract Spray was prepared from common garlic that destroyed their resistance power so the mosquitoes could be killed any time and as it is almost fully natural so it won't cause any disease for the human beings. This spray is repellent as well as killer, the lives of millions of people can be saved by using this natural Garlic spray.