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A Paradise in Crisis: The Eroding Cultural Values in Balinese Villages

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Shinta Prasista Sari, Ni Nyoman
Asmarani, Ni Nyoman

Bali has been known as a paradise, not only for its natural beauty, but also for its cultural values, tolerance, and hospitality. However, today we are witnessing the erosion of those values in the form of extortion and discrimination of village outsiders by the ‘preman’ groups (Indonesian term of organized gang). The data from National Violence Monitoring System (SNPK) shows that violent incidents in Denpasar city is the highest compare to other districts in Bali Province by 140 incidents in 2014. Not only that these practices are ignored by the local polices, they are also imitated and practiced to a certain degree by the Balinese traditional institutions (traditional villages), especially to the villages outsiders (the krama tamiu). Hence, those practices are on the way to become institutionalized. This study is aimed at describing the emergence of those above mentioned practices. Using the qualitative approach, this study observed traditional villages, interviewed the leaders of those villages, twenty village outsiders and four experts in the different traditional villages located in four subdistricts in Denpasar. The research’s result confirmed that discriminative and violent behavior of preman group infiltrated and being adopted by Balinese traditional villages. These villages collect security money from village outsiders who reside and have business in the villages. Keywords: Bali, erosion of cultural values, institutionalization of crime