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Strengthening Black People and Quilombola Identities in Antonio Cardoso Town

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de Santana Pereira, Beatriz
dos Santos Almeida, Thayna
dos Santos Almeida, Thayna

This work was instigated from the resistance and difficulty encountered during a geography class in the town of Antônio Cardoso, Brazil when a newspaper article was presented. The headline was about the city being the town with the largest proportional black population in Brazil according to the Brazilian geography and statistics institute. The students did not interpret the article as something important or positive, on the contrary, it appeared like something negative. They weren’t proud. The most interesting is that the town has at least seven quilombos, Brazilian maroon communities, but that did not represent a positive reference to their own identity. We decided to conduct a research and record this reality through studies with students, field activities (interviews of maroon communities´ members and students of our school). We used photographic and audio-visual recordings, researched literature on the subject and visited an old farmhouse that served the slave system in the past. Through these educational activities, focused on the construction of the affirmation of the black and maroon identity, racial belonging and respect for diversity, we actively promoted the integration of the school and the community. We acted as multipliers and influenced, especially young people in the town, recording and disseminating the history, the local culture wealth and affirmative public policies that were conquered by the African descendants in Brazil.