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Huseynzade, Javid (School: Lyceum Named after Academician Zarifa Aliyeva)
Huseynzade, Jeyla (School: Lyceum Named after Academician Zarifa Aliyeva)

We designed TreLop as a mobile application in order to help the old people and also those who have problems with their memory. TreLop simply uses GPS and saves the information , analyzing it . All that you are require is to have GPS work smartphones with Android system .The work algorithm of the application is : start TreLop -->activate GPS-->defines the coordinates of the target at defined intervals --> checks how long the target has been in one point -->notes it down automatically if the time is more than 5 minutes (time limit can be flexible). As TreLop is mainly designed for the elderly, it remembers the places where the user was as a map . In addition this app tracks if the user was in place for a long time and adds it to the special list. It is possible to look through this list in case of need. Therefore using TreLop will let users to find the things they have lost. We have included the function to look through the points(places) and the time , when and how long the user was there and look for the lost things according to this information. TreLop is more accessible and useful program. Though there are some applications like TreLop, as TreLop only requires the GPS to be open ,while other applications also require the internet connection and it always demands extra expenses . To expand our project we also plan to create the suitable versions for other mobile platforms in the nearest future . We know that this application can be used by people of different professions in various spheres of life and business which can make better changes in their general life and work.

Awards Won:
Oracle Academy: Award of $5,000 for outstanding project in the systems software category.