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A Public Interactive Funds Monitoring System that Enhances Efficiency in Budgeting, Procurement and Expenditure to Reduce Misuse of Funds in Developing Countries - A Case Study of Kenya

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Pindoria, Priyen (School: Shree Cutchi Leva Patel Samaj School)
Pillay, Sanjana (School: Shree Cutchi Leva Patel Samaj School)

This project involves developing an automated system that enhances efficiency in procurement, budgeting and expenditure monitoring and tracking and was developed on a local testing server using HTML, CSS, PHP and Java Script coding languages. In Kenya, 69 billion is wasted annually due to corruption and to combat this, we created a system with three modules which were budgeting, procurement and funds auditing that incorporated public voting and feedback allowing them to control how funds are used by the government. After developing the system, certain tests were performed. The first test involved a penetration test which investigated the security level and determined whether the information stored was secure. From there, the system was subjected to a GUI test, usability test and a quality analysis test which ensured that it was appropriate and suitable for public use. Different variables such as internet access and internet speed were tested to investigate the effect they have on the system’s performance and finally, to check on the system's performance and to prove its suitability for use, the system was implemented at our school’s stores and accounts offices. From all the tests we performed, it was evident that the Funds Monitoring System (FMS) developed is a suitable and an efficient system that if implemented enhances efficiency in budgeting, procurement and expenditure monitoring which therefore can help reduce the misuse of funds and reduce corruption in the National Government.