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BookGazers: An Interactive Mobile Application for Reading

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Krishna, Arjun (School: Bentonville High School)
Krishna, Arthi (School: Bentonville High School)

Developing the habit of reading at a young age is very important. The app developed for this project aims to keep students interested in reading during their transition from picture to chapter books by incorporating interactive content into chapter books. This content makes it easier for children to visualize the story and learn related background knowledge (such as history or science) in an engaging way. This app is designed to assist learning and comprehension skills. The need for the app was validated through a voluntary, anonymous survey. A demonstration book, "The First Bright Blazes", was written by the researchers to serve as a companion to the app. The app's outline and design were planned and then implemented for the iOS platform. The app was created in Xcode, using the Objective-C programming language for iOS, and the CraftAR Software Development Kit (SDK) for image recognition and augmented reality. Image recognition was used to scan the codes and pull up the appropriate content and augmented reality was used to display 3D models and/or animated sequences. The app was designed to scan codes placed in the book and open an interactive menu with options such as 3D models, educational videos, vocabulary games, comprehension and vocabulary quizzes, and resource pages. The developed app incorporates interactive content into books to make reading more informative, interactive, and fun for students. The next step will be to continue to develop content for novels and textbooks and develop the app for other platforms.