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Wearable One-Handed Typing System: ANAX

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Oh, Seon Yong (School: Daykey High School)
Yang, Seongwon (School: North London Collegiate School Jeju)

Smombie, a combination of smartphone and zombie that was first used in 2015, Germany, means people walking slowly while looking into smartphone. Media reports reported a wave of accidents occurred in relation to smombie: an American woman in her 60s fell into a manhole and died; a Chinese woman in her 20s twenties woman drowned in a lake. The reason why these accidents never stop occurring is that using a smartphone while walking raises the risk of accident to as high as 80%. However, smartphones are a crucial communication method in the modern world and a essential device in our everyday life. Given that, people should be able to put their thoughts and type communicative words into the screen while looking into each other’s face in a conversation. This is how ANAX, the wearable one-handed typing system, is invented. It is an embodiment of an idea that will bring a paradigm of new technology into people’s daily life, while replacing the keyboard, and allow people to interact with their counterparts in a very safe and secure way. ANAX is a whole new wearable keyboard that enables its users to type in anywhere, anytime. This system is designed in a way that each finger joint touches the thumb so that it creates touch points using touch sensors. For user’s convenience, this invention employs a 3 by 4 keyboard for English and cheon-ji-in keyboard for Korean language. In addition, ANAX comes with the input language correction system that makes use of the N-gram language modeling method. This highly inventive device corrects letter-input errors which can be caused by repeated touches on the identical sensor.