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Classroom 2.0

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Huaman Quintana, Karen (School: Luis Alberto Sanchez)
Quispe Laura, Jhorch (School: Luis Alberto Sanchez)

The project entitled classroom 2.0, seeks a practical solution to the economic deficiencies that prevent the proper implementation of classrooms with the latest technological resources. Our educational institution has existed for over 32 years. Due to the school’s location (rural area) and its distance from the city, it currently has not implemented technological resources to improve learning. We are currently at the peak of technological development and yet we continue to be taught using a blackboard and chalk. This is all due to the abandonment of the competent authorities and the economic deficiency that has prevented the implementation of such resources, which will consequently enlarge the technological gap with respect to institutions that do have such resources. The proposed solution, called Classroom 2.0, seeks to implement classrooms with technological resources using alternative and low-cost resources, for which the following three points can be implemented: a. A web server that contains information, multimedia resources, etc., with Wi-Fi access. b. The development and implementation of a homemade interactive whiteboard with low cost materials, capable of competing in features with commercial interactive whiteboards at a fraction of its price. c. Create educational applications that respond to the needs of our reality and that improve the teaching and learning process, making use of Scratch (software). That, in turn, will allow students to venture into the world of programming.

Awards Won:
Fourth Award of $500
ASU Rob and Melani Walton Sustainability Solutions Service: Award of $1,000
GoDaddy: $1,000 Working Fearlessly Award