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Inclusive Translator for People with Hearing Impairment

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Reyes_Caton, Diego (School: CTP Carlos Manuel Vicente Castro)
Mata_Baltodano, Marcos (School: CTP Carlos Manuel Vicente Castro)
Monge_Ricaurte, David (School: CTP Carlos Manuel Vicente Castro)

The project, Inclusive Translator for People with Hearing Impairment, aims to help society to communicate with people with disabilities through a software that will allow the reincorporation of these people in the workplace, social and student. For the creation of the project, will be installed the different platforms in which the software will be developed, then the different types of reference programming will be carried out to find the most suitable one. Once the programming is created, the interface is designed to be friendly with the user; in this point, the installer is created to finally verify all the software development is correct. In Costa Rica, according to the Population Census data of 2011 there are 70,709 people who have difficulty hearing, and 29,413 suffer from speech disorders. According to data extracted from the 2011 Census by La Nación, in Costa Rica there are 297,050 people with some type of disability. According to data, of 297,050 people with disabilities, 26% are people with hearing disabilities, 7% of this population has not attended any level of education, in addition, all those people who are unemployed or in inadequate working conditions. In conclusion, the program aims to include deaf people in society through the consolidation of rights such as education or decent work and in turn facilitate that people without this disability can communicate with this type of population. In this way, the quality of life of deaf people could be improved.

Awards Won:
GoDaddy: $500 Working Fearlessly Award