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Mankarious , Saad (School: Assuit Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics High School)

Education is very essential part of our life. If we take care of it, this will lead to great impacts on many other aspects. Recently, the role of modern technology has been shown clearly in many fields. It changed the way of how many things works to be in an efficient and time-saving fashion. So, we have a hypothesis that if we could implement technology with a smart and creative way in education, we will end up with great results. After searching many of the prior solutions and collecting our data through surveys and interviews, the right platform (Android) was chosen to help us implement our solutions for educational challenges into reality. Finally, we finished building our platform that has many features and tools for all of the educational process members. After applying our system on a sample of schools we end up with these results: For the students • The rate of engagement of students increased as a result of gamifying the classroom smartly. For the teachers Teachers engagement increased due to the competition between each other to get high ranks, they can do this by: • Preparing for the materials such as videos and quizzes and upload it to the app to be accessible for students. •Participating in discussions to help stuck students. For the parents • Parents are in a real-time communication with their students during the school day • Receiving notifications and reports from the school For the school wasted time doing the traditional processes like attendance and papered examinations is reduced greatly (using EducationGo). At the end, after many tests and experiments, we can say that our idea can be such a good solution for education.

Awards Won:
Oracle Academy: Award of $5,000 for outstanding project in the systems software category.