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Wavenote: Smart Notepad for Musicians

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Sedov, Fedor (School: School #1329)

Almost everyone uses the notes application in their daily life so as not to lose important information. For musicians, it's also a professional tool. However, the existing products not adapted for purposes related to music, or have a poor-quality realization and incomplete functionality. Wavenote is a smart notes app for musicians and poets based on Simplenote. It includes both versatile and musician-oriented features, what allows to cover the entire music community: from beginners to professionals, and here are a few of them: multichannel recording, smart metronome, theory quiz, word lookup (allows to find rhymes, synonyms, associations and other), photos attachment, song performance mode with multiple chord tablatures (using real-time generation algorithm), syllable counter, flexible text styling and keyword highlight with the customizable dictionary, export and import keeping all media and styles. All these features make it easy and convenient to work with music: for beginners - to learn songs and theory, teachers - to organize the educational process, and experienced musicians - to write and perform music. Wavenote is a platform, which, being always at hand, opens up new possibilities in learning and creativity.