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Lucia: Creating Performance-Focused Web Applications

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Bai, Aiden (School: Camas High School)

The necessity of developing and deploying interactive web applications quickly has become more prevalent over the last decade, resulting in developers creating libraries and frameworks to simplify this process. These JavaScript libraries have come to dominate the web landscape, with many websites adopting them, as they allow more functionality and extensibility to normal JavaScript. However, these libraries bring overhead, reducing performance, and increasing bloat. This is why Lucia was created, to simplify web development, bring performance, while offering the core functionality of mainstream web libraries. This was done by creating an intentionally simple and straightforward core architecture, then benchmarking the performance through a suite of comprehensive and thorough tests. Using Lucia allows for not only a faster user experience for the user, but also a better developer experience, uprooting how traditional web applications are created.

Awards Won:
Second Award of $2,000