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Coding for Music Education

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Martens, Marlea (School: Elko High School)

Learning has become extremely difficult due to Covid-19, especially amongst those involved in music education. Young musicians can no longer play as a unit and are now faced with many problems associated with trying to learn music theory through a screen. In order to help students memorize music notes and get better at sight reading, the free ios app ‘Note Drills’ was created. The app was created using the Swift coding language on XCode, Paint Tool SAI, and Musescore. After publication, two classes of middle school band students were evaluated for music note memorization. A pre-test and post-test were given to the students before and after using the app for a week. Before using the app, the students averaged 16.35% of notes correct. After studying with the app for a week, students increased to a 92.8%.

Awards Won:
NC State College of Engineering: Award to attend NC State Engineering Summer Camp