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3D Memory Bank: Memory Visualization Application with Open 3D Creation Software

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Rafif, Muhammad (School: SMA Negeri 2 Depok)

In this study, a software was created to help humans to remember as this tool utilizes human visual-spatial intelligence to form relationships between memories. VR (Virtual Reality) is commonly used, but not everyone has this device. Further, the concept of this tool is quite similar to a Mind-map but uses 3D (3 Dimensional) software called a 3D Memory Bank. This product is in the form of rooms that contain learning material and can be explored in 3D. There are two parameters to test this product, which are effectiveness and accessibility. Therefore, there are two stages of the data collection method. The first data collection used a "two-group pretest-posttest design” in which two groups will be given different treatments, Mind-map and 3D Memory Bank. More specifically, both groups will be given tests, before and after treatment. We can find out the ascent in the score by looking at the difference between pretest and posttest scores. The second data collection is a questionnaire consisting of Yes / No questions, product ratings, and comments about the product, so we can deepen the data that have been obtained before. For the results of effectiveness, the 3D website product is used as a learning medium, an increment of value by 16% overall. Compared with another study we can say that our 3D Memory Bank is effective. As for the accessibility results, this study got satisfactory results, specifically as much as 98% of the subjects could access this product without any significant issues.