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U-TAB: User-Centered Transparent Aid Platform Using Blockchain

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Park, Yates (School: Seoul International School)
Park, Goo Ha (School: Chadwick International School)
Lee, Yechan (School: Dublin High School)

The world faces a multitude of global issues, and large donations are integral to solving these problems. However, few prominent issues currently exist in philanthropy. First, there is a lack of transparency on how the funds are used. Second, it is contingent on bureaucratic processes and the influence of intermediary organizations, which ultimately reduces the efficiency of donation. As a result, the intermediaries gain excess authority, creating a donation process that isn't donor-beneficiary centered. Thus, it is crucial to disclose the specific usages of the donation and determine its positive impact to fulfill the request of donors who are increasingly becoming impact-focused. To tackle this issue, we developed a web-based donation platform that is transparent, efficient and provides a Donor & Beneficiary Centered experience. We enhanced the transparency in the donation process by designing a user function called a U-TAB CHECKLIST which requires the beneficiary to submit basic background information surrounding the donation - beneficiary profile, the purpose of the donation, the amount needed, etc. Thereafter, potential donors could connect with beneficiaries via a Peer to Peer relationship. All the transactions made were recorded on the blockchain and were transparently revealed until the final transaction, where the beneficiary spends the donation. Furthermore, because the transfer of digital currency does not involve the actual movement of tangible goods, we were also able to mitigate inefficiencies that result from currency exchanges or commissions. Through utilizing blockchains and the U-TAB CHECKLIST, we created a transparent and decentralized donation platform, which ultimately hopes to gain the public's trust and induce more donations.