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Gamifying Learning by Repetition

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Daraban, Alicia (School: James B. Castle High School)

The prospect of learning through textbooks, worksheets, tests, and flashcards, often dissuades those striving for knowledge and provides no incentive other than receiving a desirable grade. In response to this, I created a modification for an existing game that allows players to simultaneously learn and partake in a hobby they enjoy, boosting user engagement, overall enjoyment, and motivation without diminishing the extent of the players’ learning. Past gamification solutions were referenced, and a general outline, as well as a more detailed plan for the required code, was created. I configured the necessary files, wrote a description page for the modification that appears in the chosen game, and wrote the code itself. Each feature of the modification was implemented and tested individually to ensure no errors would occur, regardless of the conditions. The final product was a modification for an existing game that integrated studying with repetition into its gameplay. Players interact with the modification by typing through the game’s chat box, and choose different settings and types of questions to practice with. In addition, players are given a score that increments every time they answer a question correctly, and recieve rewards when this score reaches certain multiples as an incentive for them to do well. The modification functioned properly and effectively provided a balance between entertainment and scholarship. This suggests that similar ideas could thrive in the future and revolutionize education across the globe. If I were to continue this project, I would implement additional features to further improve the modification and enhance its practicality.