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NuAR: Technology and Creative Language Together To Tell the Great Stories of Women Who Did Science Around the World

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Ribas, Bianca (School: Instituto Federal de Mato Grosso do Sul - Campus Campo Grande)
de Paula, Ariadne (School: Instituto Federal de Mato Grosso do Sul - Campus Campo Grande)

Gender inequality is still something recurrent in contemporary society. For this reason, female participation is low in technological and scientific areas compared to boys. Based on this, it was thought to create a book that would describe the stories of the great women who did science, showing their influences and contributions. This work aims to cite, through an unpublished literary work, 17 stories of women in the technological area, in which the focus is on young people who are at an age of personal and cognitive development, to positively influence the interdisciplinary aspects such as creativity and innovation. This book is also aimed at combating female invisibility, disseminating information and knowledge, and promoting the permanence and success of girls who are working or will be able to work in the various areas of technology. To carry out the project, the methodology used was based on three stages: initial activities (definitions about the book and vision of the tasks of the group members), book writing (involving the first and last drafts, reviews and standardization of productions) and assembly of the book with the illustrations using Clip Studio Paint Pro. It is versatile software that provides the graphic designer, including illustrations and sketches to join all the parts of the work. It is worth mentioning that together with the software, it was necessary to use a digitizing table, through which the drawings began to gain digital form. This will make the use of the content in domestical studies possible, at school or in workshops. With this, NuAR is a converging point of integration/interaction between students, based on studies on the creative process of writing that sets the tone for the entire project.