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Allover the Place: AI-Powered E-Commerce and Social Media Platform Makes Daily Business Fun and Easy

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Aslanov, Javad (School: Dunya School)

Allover is an AI powered e-commerce platform and social network aimed to boost entrepreneurial activity and interaction between people and small businesses. My primary focus is emerging and underdeveloped markets. With very simple and user friendly functionality Allover is the place where sellers and buyers interact. Allovers feed, much like the feed of social media platforms, provides personalized postings of products based on the customers past purchases and interactions in the app. Allover uses AI to personalize the feed and give purchasing recommendations to the user. Allover lets the user handle the delivery of their posted products, and provides clear location, and contact information. The platform supports most common payment options, including cash, credit/debit cards, Paypal etc. Allover handles the security side to ensure that there is no trickery involved. To do that, Allover holds the money until both parties involved virtually confirm the transaction. Once the supplier and the customer both confirm the end of the transaction, the money is released and the supplier gets their fair share. However, if any error is to occur, the money is sent back to the buyer, all in place. Allover provides many means of communication, such as the built-in chat and audio call to make it comfortable to interact with friends and sellers. In conclusion, the above described platform is an ambitious and daring project that I will develop further in the future. I hope that it captures the market as well as satisfies its users.