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Internet Broadcast Management System: Post-Broadcast File Management and Editing Point Extraction

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Doyun, Shin (School: Incheon Daegun High School)

While watching Internet broadcasts, I thought that Internet broadcasters (= streamers) had a lot of work to do. Also Since Corona virus, Personal Internet broadcasting has also increased. There are many services that helps managing the broadcast like chat management, but there is no service about post-processing of broadcasts, such as auto edit the highlights, auto delivery system to editors, and finding edit points. So this service provides 3 functions. 1. File Management: Recorded file automatically saved to this service so editors can download the video file by this service. 2. Highlight: Before using this system, Editor need to check all of the recorded file, and manually edit the video. But after using this system, It shows viewer's chat frequency graph so editor can check where is the important on the video. 3. Edit points: Editors are usually divided into game video editors, viewer interaction editors, etc. So Editors have to find out where the content changes on the full video. But using this system, Editors can see where is the Edit points. The goal of this service is to record real-time streaming broadcasts, analyze and store them so that broadcasters can reduce additional tasks such as file management and focus on roducing quality content.