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Coding for STEM Education

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Martens, Marlea (School: Elko High School)

Disparities in rural and urban education can be sourced from many different factors, whether it be funding, location, or faculty availability. However, even with these disadvantages, many find ways to overcome the difficulties they have been born into. Many Mentors is a program available at Elko High School which aims to breach educational disparities between cities and rural towns. At EHS, the Many Mentors program is a part of Honors Stem Seminar, a class where students delve into research questions that interest them. However, experiments conducted by the students can often be confusing, leading students to feel inadequate when they reach a block in their experimental designs. In order to combat this, I coded and designed a Google Chrome extension to help students visually represent data and experimental designs. The extension was coded with HTML and Java in the program VSCode.