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Auto Accident Report System

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Choi, Ju-Hyeong (School: Yedang High School )
Yang, Da Won (School: Yedang High School )
Seon, Hyoung Ju (School: Yedang High School )

As a result of searching for traffic accident data in Korea, it was found that the death rate for accidents occurring in the early morning hours was high. In cities, the accident rate was high but the death rate was low there was also we thought that the reason was that the response to the accident was delayed and the floating population was small. At this time, we thought about a way to keep the driver safe anywhere. When a car has an accident, the airbag deploys. At this time, the car receives the shock and converts it into an electric signal that flows to the airbag actuator. So, it was decided to detect the electrical signal coming out at this time. As a result of thinking about how to protect the driver in the event of a car accident, we decided to create a device that automatically reports a traffic accident. When the current measuring device detects the current, the Arduino turns on the Bluetooth sensor, and the mobile phone automatically runs the app when it detects a specific Bluetooth. The app will send your location and a file recorded for 10 seconds to a predetermined phone number. Creating such a system will speed up the response after an accident. Hourly mortality rates will decrease and become similar.