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OSINTer: Helping Experts Tackle the Cyber Threats of Tomorrow

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Madsen, Bertram (School: Bagsvaerd Kostskole og Gymnasium)

Cyberattacks are a threat like never before. A combination of increasing digitalization and a bigger cybercrime underground has led to a steady rise in the risk that these threats pose to our daily lives, and while we are getting effective at handling traditional crime, cybercrime has proven to be a challenge for which the tools haven't fully matured yet. The goal of OSINTer is to provide the cybersecurity community with these very tools. OSINTer is project that aims at delivering an online, digital platform, which provides specialists within different cybersecurity sectors the needed information to spot trends within cyberspace and use this to build a prognosis that can help preventing future cyber-attacks. Furthermore, this has to be done in a fashion that not only makes it possible to handle the large amounts of information collected by OSINTer, but that is not scalable in the industrial amounts that's needed for OSINTer to become relevant as a tool. To deliver on this, OSINTer is built by the industry standards for scalable information systems and build around an intelligent news-aggregator look into the news-stream and pick out the news that might be relevant to experts. On top of this, a layer of machine-learning pipelines and data organization/indexing is placed to help the aforementioned experts with managing the large amounts of data collected by OSINTer.