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Evidence and Management of Warehouses With Eco-Based Materials

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Ciskova, Vanessa (School: Stredna priemyselna skola elektrotechnicka)
Smolakova, Vanesa (School: Stredna priemyselna skola elektrotechnicka)

The unnecessary use of wood is a problem everywhere in the world. It’s caused by the carelessness of people or bad inventory in warehouses. Because of that, we think that a thorough registry would prevent useless mining and wood feeling. The project's purpose was to prevent wrong records and wood loss. The registry can be very lengthy and difficult, that's why we wanted to simplify it with our program. A lot of smaller companies still use obsolete, incompatible and unnecessarily complicated programs and we decided to change that. Our program is intuitive, saves time, manpower, effort, and effectively processes data. To avoid data loss, we use a database manager with a simple user interface, thanks to which you can create data backups. In case of more facilities, you can create more data structures which you can manage comfortably from one place, either a computer application or a website. The ability to scan QR codes straight on the website simplifies evidence in warehouses even more.

Awards Won:
Fourth Award of $500