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UScore App: Creating an Easy, Efficient and Effective Record Management System for Underserved Schools

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Dzvurumi, Makanaka (School: Peterhouse Girls School)

In my country, Zimbabwe, there is a lack of utilities in many underserved schools. One of these is a record management system, to store data such as student details, grades and sporting points. The aim of my application is to provide an easy-to-use system which can be implemented by schools. As a result, students gain access to quantitative data to show where they Stand in terms of their schooling activities. Firstly, through interviews with teachers in my school, I found out what features would be useful in my all-in-one app. I created prototypes and improved them by having students and teachers test it. After 3 trials, I came up with my final program. The people who tested the application rated it on a scale of 1 to 5 in the fields: efficiency, design, practicality and accessibility. I used this data to draw up bar charts. Through feedback comments, I altered and improved the design and re-tested until all attributes had a rating of over 80% as it is equivalent to a 4-star rating. In conclusion, as all the elements I was testing for received a score of over 80%, I deemed the program to be a success as it proved to be accessible to all. The only limitation in my research is that it was not tested in real time in a school environment.