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Pet Tracker ID (Year 2): Manage Your Pet's Data From Any Device, Anywhere in the Cloud With Pet Tracker ID

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Gaines, Jasmine (School: East Ridge High School)

As a society, we use the cloud to accomplish many things. Whenever we get directions from a GPS service, that software is an example of a cloud technology service. Even though the use of cloud technology is an everyday thing, society has yet to untap the full potential of what cloud technology can really do. To demonstrate the possibilities of cloud technology, I have developed a cloud data platform for storing and managing data related to pets. The name of my cloud data platform is Pet Tracker ID, and it utilizes cloud software delivery methods and technologies such as SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), and NFC (Near Field Communication), to allow end users to use their desktop and mobile devices to manage and share their pet’s data, such as medical information, vaccine records, and owner’s contact information. One example of what Pet Tracker ID can do is if your pet gets lost, Pet Tracker ID will allow the person who finds your pet to use their mobile device to scan your pet’s Pet Tracker ID NFC tag, and quickly retrieve the pet’s information on their mobile device. The ability to quickly retrieve the lost pet’s information such as contact information will allow the owner to be located and reunited with their lost pet.  Pet Tracker ID allows this without the need to track down a veterinarian with a specialized scanning device. Although Pet Tracker ID focuses on pets, the cloud technology that it utilizes can be used in many other ways.  Cloud computing is here to stay and finding new innovative ways to expand upon cloud technology is the way of the future.