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LinkDev: A Programming Language That Combines All Programming Languages Into One Designed To Boost Coding Experience

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Hashim, Ahmed (School: Baghdad Ishik Boys College)

Purpose: Programming language diversity spurs development but also induces community fatigue. The research aims to create a new language addressing this issue, promoting learning and professional growth by facilitating a seamless transition between languages and encouraging exploration of new syntax and methods. Methodology: The process involves developing a new programming language "LinkDev" by amalgamating features from multiple languages (e.g., Java, Python, TypeScript, JavaScript, Kotlin, etc.). Subsequently, opinions are solicited from a sample of programmers regarding various aspects including the productivity of "LinkDev" versus conventional languages, teamwork dynamics, comfort level with the language, confidence, work efficiency, time consumption, syntax and method utilization, runtime efficiency of "LinkDev" compared to conventional languages, and the integration of AI learning. Data/Results: The data gathered from the survey administered to a subset of programmers is analyzed, juxtaposed with methodologies and findings of previously compiled programming languages, and the merits and demerits of the approach advocated in this study are delineated. Conclusions: The researchers anticipate a substantial impact of the proposed new programming language "LinkDev" in mitigating the risks associated with individual programming language usage. Through ongoing refinement, the method is envisioned to ensure minimal runtime overhead.