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Music Braille Converter for Non-Braille Translator

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Nam, Yoon-Kon (School: Izmir Private Fatih Science High School)

Music braille is made up of more systematic and various symbols compared with text braille. Therefore, the translation of braille music requires extensive knowledge of the music and the braille symbols. Because currently the computer program for the text braille has already developed, we don't need any help from the expert to translate music braille. However, the translation of music braille is hard without the help of a professional music braille translator, because the translation computer program is not perfect. The current situation is that the music braille translator reads the music score and translates it into the braille himself. In this work, we designed and implemented the "Braille Music Converter". People who do not understand music braille can also implement it. The user simply selects the music symbol in the program and automatically converts it to Braille. Also, since it is expressed in music score form, it is possible to check the correct sign number. My mom is a music braille translation volunteer. Mom and professional translators participated. I compared my mother's translation using a manual translation program and my program's results. Therefore, my mother and music braille translation specialist proceeded. I tested one song every week. If my mom pointed out the wrong part, I modified the algorithm. It includes translation into text braille for the lyrics processing and note, rest, octave, measure was confirmed that the successful conversion to the actual music score.