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ClickOnThePic.com: An Online Universal Relative-Ranking System

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Oueslati, Mehdi (School: Csongradi Batsanyi Janos Gimnazium, Szakkepzo Iskola es Kollegium)

This project seeks to quantify global preferences and tendencies through a democracy-based ranking system. While pictures are used as tokens to represent the things being ranked, and hashtags are used to define in which category that thing belongs to. Each picture is associated with a score that indicates its value and this is calculated using the Elo Formula which was made to rank Chess Players. The web application was designed as a tournament: at each match, two pictures of the same pool (category) are randomly selected ; then the users choose the one they prefer by clicking on it ; and the score of each picture is updated depending on whether it has won or not, its previous score, its opponent's previous score, and the number of matches it already participated in. This was made using AJAX technologies and Bootstrap.