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DriveLife Simulator

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Zinkevich, Anton (School: Hewlett High School)

The industry of interactive entertainments or, in other word, computer games is nowadays one of the most developing directions in technology and economics and it’s been such for a couple of recent decades. So I decided to try looking at it from the other side – as a developer, not as a consumer. The DriveLife Simulator is made with Unity3D engine, which is a universal tool for all developers from beginners to professionals. I first heard about it in February 2016 and my current project, based on It, started in May 2016, and was reborn in October 2016. And what is DriveLife Simulator? It is a computer game in the car simulator genre with perspectives to develop further on. There are finished versions as far as it is and endless process of complementing the project. The last update was aimed at improving cars’ physics and brought a game to a new level. It is also planned to release a game for mobile devices. Cars in the game can take part in races, can be put in labyrinth, can be just driven in a free mode. The speedometer and the tachometer on the screen display actual information about speed and RPM of a virtual car. Cars have different performance parameters and sounds, lights, suspension, adjusted to make them close to real; the work on improving user interface is in progress now.