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Reaching the Individuals in the Fight against Obesity through Game

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Yuksek, Turgut Berk
Cakmaktepe, Mert (School: Westfield High School)

The first computer game was a simple tennis simulation which programmed in 1960. As time goes by games become more qualified and breath-taking with the use of new technologies, ultimately makes people more interested in games and engaged them to spend most of their time in video games. When the effects of video games on human beings are examined, it is found that playing a video game is fun and satisfying. However, beside being fun and satisfying, video games can put a person away from physical activities. Because of this reason, video game addiction may cause health problems like obesity and unfortunately the most affected groups are the pre-school and elementary school pupils. Children who are addicted to video games do not have a balanced diet. In our project we focused to bring a solution to this problem and we had decided that the best way to reach children is the language they can understand. Thus, we think that a video game which teaches children healthy eating can lead them to learn the ways to live a better life by eating healthy foods. After we decided to make a game we built a scenario and after that we chose Construct 2 to program the game. After we developed the prototype of the game, we released it on a game website “Scirra Arcade” to test its playability. We offered our game to parents who have a video game-addicted and obese child and requested them to play the game with their children. After they play, we asked them to provide us feedbacks and feedbacks show that the children changed their eating habits to a better way. They started to ask healthy foods from their parents and also they stopped eating fast food. The children who suffers from obesity caused by video game addiction, made a good progress about learn how to eat healthy with our game.