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Braille Printer by Internet of Things

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Prirungruang, Navaroot
Suttirat, Kakkanet (School: Ridgefield High School)
Booncharoen, Naronggorn (School: Aberdeen Central High School)

Recently, commercial Braille printer are too expensive and making Braille document without using a Braille printer is too difficult and has some mistakes. Our new Dot matrix Braille printer is one of the most efficient printers that can be used to make Braille document for blind people. The new Dot matrix Braille printer which we had modified can make Braille document more accurate. We also developed a web application that connects to our Dot matrix Braille printer with Raspberry PI via WIFI to print Braille letters by using NETPIE platform. Moreover, the new Dot matrix Braille printer is more convenient to use because it can be used from anywhere and anytime, and not too expensive.