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Working Safety-Application

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Parikka, Aukusti
Rintala, Eemil

Working safety in technical work is an important thing in elementary schools. It is learned as a side subject in technical work, but we think that with traditional learning methods students are not motivated to learn it enough. Is there a good solution for the problem? Our goal is to improve students’ knowledge and excitement about working safety. We have developed a mobile application. With this application students can test their skills, learn new and rehearse. The application is coded with Java using Android Studio. We have learned by ourselves how to code. This game gives straight feedback to teacher and student about what he/she knows. The teacher can then rehearse weak areas with the student. This deepens the learning process. Playing this game will make the safety matters more interesting. At the moment this game is available in English and Finnish. We have received Finnish media’s attention with this application. People are very interested in our idea. Schools are willing to buy this application. People found out that this application is practical and a better than traditional methods to learn. The first game is about making a glue lam. We are adding new works and machines to the game in spring 2017.