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Fuzzy Little Television Watching Problemine Fuzzy Logic Approach

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Topcu, Esra
Manavoglu, Tugce

Some reviews of why children watch television closely are said to be the cause, not the result, and that the child may have one of the defects of the eye. In addition to this, to attract attention of the child, stimulation of stimuli, etc. Due to the reasons such as At this point, we began to focus on a method of analyzing the behaviors in front of the television and identifying the event closely and helping to develop behavior in the framework of the specified rules. The solution algorithm of the device to be developed had to be harmonious with the human mind. We saw that fuzzy logic approaches fit this, and we concentrated our efforts on developing solutions with fuzzy logic. As a result of our study, when we installed our system as a feature of TV, we saw that the obedience of watching closely with small children was lost over time. Key words: TV Close Monitoring, Fuzzy Logic, Arduino, HC-SR04