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ThumbFi: Control All Your Devices with Your Fingertips

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Embedded Systems


Finalist Names:
, Mohd Faiz
Sethi, Sarthak

ThumbFi is a human-computer interaction revolutionary device that aims to simplify control of various devices by literally bringing control to your fingertips. All you have to do is touch different sections of your fingers(phalanges) to perform different tasks. It eliminates the need to use different accessories for controlling different appliances. There are various applications of this technology - imagine playing games using only your fingers! The technology can be extended to allow various home automation or even using apps on your computer or mobile. It can also help paralyzed people control their wheelchairs, and speech impaired people speak with just simple gestures with their hand. ThumbFi ring is worn on the thumb of the user, and it has an fingerprint scanner. User can assign commands to the device by touching any phalange (section) of their fingers, and if they touch that again with the ring, the command would be executed. Eg: Touching your middle phalange of index finger could dial an emergency number on your mobile which is connected via Bluetooth to your smartphone. After 5 months of research, prototyping, and development, we were finally able to build this device in less than $50 which makes it affordable for everyone across the globe. The proposed cost for this device is $15 if we manufacture it in bulk.

Awards Won:
American Intellectual Property Law Association: First Award of $1,000