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Suggested Memory Therapy: A Novel Treatment for Psychological Inflexibility

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Behavioral and Social Sciences


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Weiss, Ben (School: Minsk Gymnasium No.41)

Hypothesis: Suggested memory therapy will reduce psychological inflexibility more than the current therapy (ACT) as measured by the Acceptance and Action Questionnaire (AAQ2) Suggested Memory Therapy: (SMT) is a novel approach created by this student researcher to improving psychological flexibility. Methods: Phase 1: 344 Subjects were recruited and placed into 5 different test groups. Each test group was shown a group specific suggested memory treatment, and then given the AAQ2 pre and post training. Phase 2: 410 subjects were randomly placed into either the experimental or control group. Both groups were given the same training. However, control group was given neutral suggestions, whereas the experimental group were given positive suggestions. Phase 3 Clinical Trial: 13 Subjects were given the were given the full SMT treatment and the AAQ2 before and after training. This was repeated for 3 sessions. Subjects were then given the AAQ2 once a week for the next 3 weeks to measure the long-term effects of the training. Results: Phase 2: Subjects in the experimental group had a 9.44% improvement in AAQ2 scores after viewing the full SMT series. Subjects in the control group had a 2.64% improvement in AAQ2 scores. Phase 3: There was 24% improvement in AAQ2 scores from the initial test to the assessment taken at the end of week 4. Conclusion: A 2014 study found ACT results in a 17% improvement in AAQ2 scores These findings support my hypothesis that SMT therapy could be a viable alternative or adjunct to ACT.

Awards Won:
American Psychological Association: Third Award of $500