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Program for the Deaf and Dumb

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Robotics and Intelligent Machines


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Alishev, Elgun (School: The Home Educator's Outsourcing High School)

According to the statistics of the World Health Organization (WHO), there are more than 360 million people with physical disabilities in the world, including 32 million of them are children. For writing and reading, they have a certain number of words in their native language, and for communication they use sign language. There are more than two hundred sign languages in the world. Although hearing in the US and Great Britain speak mainly English, the deaf of these two countries speak two languages - in the American sign language and in the British sign language, belonging to different gestural families. However, they do not have the means for inter-language communication, which is necessary when traveling to other countries or for communication in social networking, where the deaf speak another sign language. The topic is relevant for several million people using different languages of gestures.The program can be used by a large number of people who have problems with hearing and speech, when traveling to foreign countries, communicating with foreigners, as well as for communication in social networks, where the deaf speak another sign language. It is very important that among this category of people there are a large number of children and teenagers who need new technical and electronic tools to help them communicate and social inclusion.This program works without the Internet. It is designed so that, if necessary, the program can easily be implemented in some other system of social networks.The program is new and has no analogues.

Awards Won:
Qatar Foundation, Research &amp
Development: Award of $1,000